Community Building

The Madisonville Arts & Culture Center is a focus for the arts & culture committee, which calls themselves the Artsy Task Force.

Building resident leadership and neighborhood capacity is a key priority for MCURC. We believe Madisonville will thrive when the community is truly engaged in making a positive mark on the neighborhood. With this goal in mind, MCURC initiates and supports efforts to train neighborhood leaders and support neighborhood groups.

There is a neighborhood group for almost every focus area identified in our Quality-of-Life Plan, including arts & culture, health & wellness, economic development, beautification, the built environment, and community engagement. Contact us if you would like to be involved in one of these groups.

Get In Touch With Us!

For questions about volunteering, donating to MCURC, or general inquiries, send MCURC an email to You can also call us at (513) 271-2495.

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